Breathalyse Me Pro

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The Breathalyse Me Pro was designed to measure the alcohol concentration in the human body, its modern and portable design makes it more convenient for personal use. When the alcohol content exceeds the preset limit level, this device sends an audio and video warning to remind you of your safety. It is strongly recommended to avoid driving in this case.


Quick response time
  • Direct test process LCD indication
  • Digital LCD display with light blue backup
  • Portable and trendy design
  • Audible warning beyond the preset limit
  • Battery saving design, low voltage indication, automatic power off.
  • Use 3×AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Inner packaging: gift box
  • Security warning

WARNING: There is no "safe" alcohol limit. A breath test should only be used as an indication of your degree of intoxication. If you have consumed alcohol, you should not try to drive or operate machinery. The exact concentration of alcohol in the subject's blood cannot be accurately determined using a respirator. The correlation between breath alcohol level and blood alcohol level depends on many variables. The manufacturers disclaim all liability for incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind. Periodic recalibration is expressly excluded from the manufacturer's warranty.